Camp Contact at Playa Del Fuego Spring 2014

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Camp Contact will be at Playa Del Fuego over Memorial Day! We look forward to returning to the "WoodHenge" area. We've got a great lineup of events including Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Acrobatic Yoga and Massage playshops!  Let the Love Flow, let the dance expand!

Registration is now open, please click here to register.
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So… you want to live at Camp CONTACT at Playa Del Fuego? Fabulous!

The link to register for camp is at the top of this page---here are some important details to read... a few notes....registering is just for staying at contact camp… everyone is quite welcome to come by and participate in classes, jams, and events… it is our mission at Camp CONTACT to make an inviting atmosphere for everyone to experience contact improvisation, acro yoga, authentic relating, improv and other somatic/embodiment practices.

We ask that you still would like to live with us, then read on …

  1. That you sign up for one meal and help prepare, shop and/or clean up after it, depending upon the needs of your meal team. Each meal team will have a lead chef (this could also be you) who will coordinate the meal, please be in touch with this person to find out how you can help, and contribute any fund as needed to cover the cost of food for this meal.  If you're not a part of the meal plan then you can disregard.
  2. That you put in a financial contribution of $45.00, or just $25.00 if you don't want to be a part of the meal plan.  See details below.
  3. That you commit to show up for camp break down on Monday morning. We'll be breaking down parts of the camp, and loading up our trailer. Also, a part of being at Playa Del Fuego is that you spend an hour before you leave performing a Moop Sweep. If you are leaving before monday morning can't help with this effort, we have some alternative projects we'll ask for help with during the weekend.

If you can’t quite manage all of this for some reason but are still super-keen to camp with us, write and have a chat. Sometimes, we can have a little flexibility, particularly for people who are coming longer distances and have travel restrictions. Camp Contact is an ideal camp for those travelling from afar, and we aim to bring a great community together who share our values of offering classes and workshops to the citizens of Playa Del Fuego.

We have at Playa Del Fuego since Spring 2007 and have developed a lot of institutional knowledge about how to make a theme camp work, and about how to make living in Playa Del Fuego a rewarding experience. We've also acquired a lot of infrastructure to make staying at PDF for a long weekend comfortable and fun. As a part of living in our camp and offering the gifts of programming to the community, we offer back a space that has many amenities and a supportive community of contact improvisers, acro-yogis, tantricas, ecstatic dancers, authentic relaters, and others in the Camp Contact community. The first step is to register above. You can also email us at expressing interest. Add into that anything about if you might be able to take on some work tasks leading up to the burn, if you have any infrastructure you have to offer, and anything you would like to add about how you would like to participate in contact camp (including if you would like to teach).

The second step is to send in payment. Best way to do this is to send via Paypal to as a personal gift. You can also pay by check, details when you register. Your financial contribution goes to to cover expenses…dance structures, fuel for the generator, propane for the stove, infrastructure, kitchen stuff.  Please take care of getting payment sent as soon as possible after registration. These rates cover all of the things offered by camp contact including food. If you don't want to eat as a part of camp contact, deduct $20.

The camp fees listed is a minimum amount: if you can put in more, you are highly encouraged to do so. We will funnel it into various forms of improved infrastructure and supporting others who need financial assistance to attend. If finances are hard for you please contact us to see if scholarship discounts are available. If you are inclined to use Facebook, please join our Facebook Group and the Facebook event. Once you're registered, we have a ride board for registered campers with a place to indicate how you’re getting to and from the Playa. IMPORTANT: there are two parts to the on-line registration: (1) registering for the camp contact site (if you're new to this site), (2) is to register for the playadel fuego Event itself above. --Darrell 202 670 8728 Camp CONTACT Instigator

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